Talking about the 4 basic necessities, drugs are also essential to life. “However”, the production & import of drugs rank among the front lines. For the past 20 years, many disease have developed. Now, people all over the world are leading a new way of life. As a result, new drugs are being developed continuously. Many leader international drug films are trying to come on with new research & developments to fight against many forms of diseases. Through lock of funds, Knowledge and know-how, local drug manufactures are only capable of producing drugs which patents have been expired. Most pharmaceutical raw materials still have to be imported.

The economic downtown of July 1996 produced severe impact on industrialists, traders and the public nationwide. The floating Baht put up the retail prices of imported drugs. As the costs of research, development and production of overseas drugs are already extremely high, in the wake of the Baht valuation, Only patients with purchase power can afford foreign drugs.

The present government is doing 30-Baht-for-all-medical-treatments campaign. In practice, the success of this campaign is very difficult to achieve so long as the prices of imported drugs are still very high. Only when local drug manufactures produce low priced high quality drugs can this campaign be successful.

T.P. Drug Laboratories (1969) Co., Ltd. is a local modern drug manufacturer. It was established in 1963. Its factory is located at 98 Sukhumvit 62, Phra Khanong, Bangkok. It is turning out over 180 drugs to ensure good heath and better living. Mr.Kamon Tangamornsiri is the Managing Director. The Company employs 240 Workers in production, quality control and marketing. So far, it has a registered capital of 40 million Baht.

The company has become famous through its first product. “ISO T.P.” With years of experience and determination to develop local drugs the meet the local requirement and in line with the government’s public health policy, the company concentrates on improvement of production, quality control delivery, technical support and offer-sale service. For over 10 years, the GMP standard has been employed successfully.

Having realized its competitiveness in the world market, the company exports its products to 19 countries in South East Asia, Central Asia and Africa.

In 1989, the company received a plaque as award for maintenance of excellent pharmaceutical products and constant development from His Excellency, Mr. Korn Trappharangsi.

The company continuously offers in-house and external training to staff to ensure personnel development. It also serves as a warranty for drug quality and responsibility for customers.